Strengthening and deepening my roots – reading the Bible in 90 days

Welcome to this neglected little blog of mine! Having given it two false starts, I thought it might come in handy as a place to record a few reflections on a marathon I’m about to undertake – a reading marathon – the Bible in 90 days! I was inspired to give it a try after reading this blog post by Oh Amanda.


Why am I doing it? Perhaps this marathon is more aptly described as a spiritual one. Read More »


Radical thoughts

While I was setting up this blog I came across the following words in A People’s History of Christianity by Diana Butler Bass: “The pamphleteers … were the bloggers of the sixteenth century, those whose words shaped religious rebellion by challenging traditional authorities and bypassing established channels of communication” (p.169).

Although at times I feel rebellious raising such issues as I will do in my posts, that is due to the nature of the issues rather than any desire on my part be a rebel. I’m actually blogging as well as using “established channels of communication”.

Some of my thoughts on church issues are somewhat “radical” and I realise that many people will have good reasons for disagreeing with my views.Read More »