The Bible in 90 days – Restart!

Okay, confession time. I stalled. Holidays came, routines were on hold, and my Bible reading stalled. I got back into the useless cycle of forever trying to get things organised and under control, doing things that seemed useful but neglecting what was most important. Yes, that was probably three months ago now but I’m saying stalled rather than stopped because I’m determined to restart. Read More »


In the beginning God (The Bible in 90 days, first thoughts)

Phew! Genesis read in four days. I’m enjoying the grand overview of God’s story and the small connections I may not have made over a longer time period. Usually I love getting stuck into the details. Now, I’m noting a few things to get stuck into later, while immersing myself in the big picture.

I must admit I’ve found the Genesis story odd and confusing at times. Read More »

Strengthening and deepening my roots – reading the Bible in 90 days

Welcome to this neglected little blog of mine! Having given it two false starts, I thought it might come in handy as a place to record a few reflections on a marathon I’m about to undertake – a reading marathon – the Bible in 90 days! I was inspired to give it a try after reading this blog post by Oh Amanda.


Why am I doing it? Perhaps this marathon is more aptly described as a spiritual one. Read More »

Ten Things I Wish Jesus Never Said, part 2

Following on from my previous posts, here are some brief summaries/reflections on the next few chapters of Victor Kuligin’s book, Ten Things I Wish Jesus Never Said.

Chapter 4: The Art of Spiritual Self-crucifixion

If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. Luke 9:23

In other chapters, Kuligin deals more specifically with aspects of carrying one’s cross such as spiritual commitment and suffering; here, he explains the image of the cross. Read More »

Ten Things I Wish Jesus Never Said, part 1

In his book, Ten Things I Wish Jesus Never Said, Victor Kuligin’s concern is that many in the church have come to associate following Jesus with material happiness and blessings – things the world loves – rather than holiness and suffering. Even as I write that, the latter sounds like a wholly unappealing description of Christianity; yet I know much joy and reward comes from living a life committed to Christ.

Reading through the chapter headings and associated Bible verses, I could have called out an ‘amen’ to the title of the book. Read More »

Radical thoughts

While I was setting up this blog I came across the following words in A People’s History of Christianity by Diana Butler Bass: “The pamphleteers … were the bloggers of the sixteenth century, those whose words shaped religious rebellion by challenging traditional authorities and bypassing established channels of communication” (p.169).

Although at times I feel rebellious raising such issues as I will do in my posts, that is due to the nature of the issues rather than any desire on my part be a rebel. I’m actually blogging as well as using “established channels of communication”.

Some of my thoughts on church issues are somewhat “radical” and I realise that many people will have good reasons for disagreeing with my views.Read More »