In the book of Acts, the movement of Jesus-followers (commonly known as Christians) is referred to on occasions as “the Way”. Jesus himself said: “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me” (John 14:6).

My name is Neri and I’m just an ordinary person who is thankful to belong to Christ. I often suspect that many Christians today – like many Christians throughout history, I suppose – have an incomplete understanding and experience of what it means to be people of the Way. I titled this blog “In the Way” because, besides the fact that “oftheway” and “ontheway” URLs were not available, “in the way” is how I sometimes feel when sharing confronting issues! In no way do I claim to have any special knowledge, and I love having comrades on this journey of discovery.

I began this blog at a time when I was passionately disillusioned with the church as an institution. I did and still do believe that God works through His church in its current form and there are plenty of faithful, Spirit-filled people within the institutional church. However, I also came to the conclusion that it is important that as individuals and as a church, we constantly make sure both our understandings and practices are true to God’s word, and never simply take for granted traditional or popular interpretations of Scripture.

I believe it is imperative that we constantly seek God, including searching the Scriptures, to ensure we fully understand who we are as His people, and to be willing to check all our practices against this understanding.

While I still attend the same mainstream church (six years later) and still have some concerns about the way we do things, as well as convictions regarding my personal need to seek God more fully, I confess that parenthood has more recently taken over as a focal passion in my life. I am resurrecting this extremely neglected blog (for a second time) as an aid to refocusing on God, as a medium for sharing my reflections as I continue to work through what it means to follow Christ’s Way and as a means of opening up discussion with others. Please join me!

(When submitting comments, while differences of opinion are welcome, please remain respectful of others.)