My blog is back!

Yes, I am blogging again! For those who started reading my blog last year, my apologies for the sudden silence after only two posts. To get myself back into the blogging habit, I’m going to deviate a bit from the main blog theme, and comment on a book I’m currently reading.

I was in a Christian book store buying study guides for my Bible study group, and decided to browse the markdowns … always a dangerous thing to do, for two reasons: firstly, I end up sitting and reading for ages, and might be hit with a parking ticket one day for outstaying my welcome; and secondly, I buy books, which I don’t have space for and sometimes don’t get around to reading because I’m always reading library books.

The title caught my attention and the price was good, and I am reading this book (and will make space for it somewhere!). “Ten Things I Wish Jesus Never Said”, by Victor Kuligin, looks at ten teachings of Jesus which are not so much hard to understand as they are hard to follow. I’ll comment and reflect on each chapter as I make my way through the book, but for now I’ll leave you with a quote from the preface:

“Whereas today we fixate on the happiness of believers, Jesus was much more concerned with their holiness… Even a cursory reading of the teaching of Jesus shows us that he expected his disciples to be people accustomed to suffering and trials.”


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